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Beck Manufacturing and Plant Capacity

Beck Manufacturing and Plant Capacity

Subject: Management

1. APA format

2. Include abstract

3. Introduction has a topic sentence

4. Use subheadings to transition between paragraphs

5. Have a concluding paragraph that re-iterates the introduction

6. Online references ONLY with full web links

7. Proper referencing in the body of the paper

8. Acronyms spelled out

9. Double spaces after periods

10. Limit usage of "in regards to"

11. Use simple terminology

Read the ?Beck Manufacturing? case study in Chapter 8 of your text. Answer questions one through three in a two- to- four page paper in accordance with APA guidelines.

?Calculate the capacity of each machine center and the capacity of the system.

?If Beck wants to expand capacity, where should he focus the company?s efforts? How much extra capacity can he get without causing another operation to become the bottleneck?

?How may Mr. Beck expand capacity without purchasing new equipment? Be specific.

The paper should be in paragraph form (avoid the use of bullet points), and supported with any formulas, calculations, and concepts outlined in your text.

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