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Australian Intervention in Solomon Islands

Australian Intervention in Solomon Islands, 2003 (Regional Assistance Mission Solomon Islands, RAMSI)

Paper instructions:

Task Description

Students will research, analyse and write a Theoretical Analysis of armed intervention in international relations. Further details of the case studies are provided below. A range of primary and secondary source materials for each case study is provided on the 2017GIR [email protected] website. These are the only sources necessary for this assessment item, although students may include further research if they find it useful.


The Theoretical Analysis exercise gives students the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge of International Relations (IR) that they have gained in the first part of the semester in real world policy contexts, both historical and contemporary. This assessment item is designed to enhance students’ skills in critical thinking, information analysis, the application of IR theories in policy contexts, and the succinct communication in writing of complex theoretical concepts and information. The task will also introduce students to the critical evaluation of historical and contemporary primary source documents and security policy analysis.

Criteria & Marking

Each Theoretical Analysis paper should be approx. 750-1250 words in length. Papers must use a standard font size 12, be double-spaced, appropriately referenced, have adequate margins for written comments and pages numbered. Due dates for each paper are given below.

The Theoretical Analysis task will be assessed for:

• Demonstrated understanding of the relevant IR theories

• Appropriate application of the theories to the case study materials (both primary

and secondary sources)

• Insightfulness of the analysis

• Quality of written communication: spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting,


Students will analyse this case study by reference to classical realism and Marxism. You may include observations from other theoretical perspectives if appropriate. Please make sure to follow the above instructions.

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