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Assessment and Instructional Plans-AIP


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Using the reading component: Phonemic Awareness, choose an appropriate assessment tool for this component area. (Pre-Assessment for Phonemic Awareness) and (Motivation Tool- Interest Inventory AND Attitude Survey) You will:

• administer an assessment to a K-6 student. You must do an IRI (Comprehension) for your final AIP.

• choose an effective/motivational assessment tool to implement.

• interpret the results of each assessment and determine the student’s level of achievement and motivation.

• describe an instructional plan specific to the K-6 student you assessed (based on their results), including an explicit plan, connections to their motivation, and an assistive technology component to facilitate student communication and success with the instructional plan.

• explain how your plan addresses concepts of Universal Design- see ppt for support and in 2nd AIP.

• identify a post assessment and plan for post assessment as it relates to your instructional plan.

• select at least one Language Arts Florida Standards (at ) and one Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (at ) that aligns with the major reading component (comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness) you assessed and your instructional plan.

• identify testing and instructional accommodations that would be made for the K-6 child who is an English Language Learner, even if the child you assess is not an ELL. Be sure these are literacy specific and not generic.

• reflect on the overall value of assessment as a professional practice; specifically, describe how this assignment demonstrates that you have accomplished the practice of assessment.

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