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Assessment and Leadership


“It is much more difficult to measure nonperformance than performance.”
—Herold Geneen (Beardsell, 2009, p. 14).
The objective of this course project is to produce a comprehensive written proposal for a
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for an educational or corporate organization with which
you are familiar. This assignment builds upon the information you provided in previous
In this section consider both formative and summative assessments that will provide post-plan
data on the effectiveness of the intervention. In addition, you will select the leadership style that
will positively impact the implementation of the intervention for your Performance Improvement
Plan (PIP).

To prepare:

Add the following to your PIP (in paragraph form):
Project Assessment
Develop a method for evaluating the post-plan performance. Describe the formative assessment
and justify your method. Describe the summative evaluation and justify your method.
(Note: Include assessment/evaluation instruments in the Appendix.)


From the approaches that have been mentioned in the various resources for this module, select
the leadership approach that would be most applicable to your PIP and justify your selection. In
addition, consider your results from the leadership questionnaire and describe the leadership
strengths you bring to this project.
Finally, imagine the type of resistance you are likely to encounter and explain the strategies you
might apply to address that resistance, including how the leadership model you selected would
help reduce resistance to your proposed change.

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