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Artifact paper instructions 1

Artifact Assignment

-Refer to the sales data on the attached Excel spreadsheet I provided you.

-Use Excel to develop charts or graphs of what you think is relevant or important to know if you
were the manager of this company with this sales data.

-There must be a narrative portion to this assignment—that is the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary should be at least one page, double-spaced. It should describe what it is you are analyzing, what you are looking for, the conclusions, and recommendations that would help your company improve.

Using the attached data file complete the following:
1. Complete an analysis of the data
2. Create at least 5 different data charts that communicate important information using the attached spreadsheet.
3. Provide a narrative (Executive Summary) 1 page double spaced- & REFER to each graph on narative.
4. Develop an implementation plan- 1 page double spaced
5. Identify an important KPI from Part Three and Part Four(GROSS PROFIT MARGIN& OPERATING PROFIT MARGIN) that would be important to measure (provide the equation / calculate if all data is available / Explain why tracking this KPI would be important)

PLEASE SHOW ANY CORRELATION for example _ the temperature drops so then the winter clothes sales go up…= a negative correlation..
Correlation (relationship) show wether it is a positive or negative effect —- causation and correlation.

Include informatin about the Learning outcomes touched up in class
– Competency Learning Outcome#1- Types of Data: Understand the importance and roles of different types of data (financial, economic, accounting, etc.)

-Competency Learning Outcome#2 -Data Identification- Identify and select data that should be collected for various purposes within the organization.

Competency Learning Outcome#3 Data Collection- Utilize varied methodologies for collecting necessary data.

Competency Learning Outcome#4- Data Presentation- Select and utilize appropriate formats for presentations and/or analysis of data

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