Art Review Assignment

Art Review Assignment

Two or three pages

Research reviews of national and international exhibitions by visiting the library (in person and/or online), browsing art periodicals, online art reviews, etc. for this assignment. Your assignment will be to attend exhibitions at any galleries, museums, and art centers, and write your own reviews. This assignment should be treated as if it is going to be published.  In all, you will complete two reviews of different exhibitions.


Your Art Review should include venue location (name, complete address, phone, email, website), open hours of the venue, EXACT title of the exhibition, dates of the exhibition, information about the artist and artwork (artist’s name, where the artist lives, biographical information about the artist, influences the artist may have, media, style/movement, quotes from the artist about their artwork, description of the artwork, formalities discussion , etc.), and your own personal comments about the artwork. Think of this as an opportunity to use and apply all the art terms you’ve learned in college.


There may be some handout brochures with photo images and didactic information to attach to your assignment and use to write your statement. Remember to cite any resources that you use.


References to research writing an art/exhibition review:




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