Art History

Art History

For the period in art history assigned, presentation should be about 10 minutes and include the following. Begin research by reading the section in the text.

Visual images – must be large enough for the class to see. No more or less than 8-9 images of paintings, sculptures, or architectures related to the presentation. Include the artist’s name and title of the piece. Images should be in chronological order. Only one image may be from the text. Distorted images will lose points. 8 pts.

Images only; no text slides. Present the material in this order:

1.Introduction . What is the main theme? 2pts What are the dates? 2pts What connects the art of the period?2 pts. 6 pts 2.Body Stylistic characteristics ( line, shape, color, value, texture) of the period. How are the elements used ( just use 2 o r3 elements for each image)? What is the subject matter? Point theseoutonthescreen. 8pts.Iforeachslide

3Conclusion Cultural and historical background – what are the significant social, political event, ideas of the period. Look at the timeline at the top of the text in your era. 4pts. 1 pt. for each idea

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