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Are we too dependent on technology?

Exploratory Essay

In a 3 – 4 page (900 – 1200 word) formal essay, explore the issues and arguments of your research paper topic. The goal of this essay is to push you to

understand the complicated and complex nature of the topic you have chosen. Although you are not required to do research for this topic, you may find it

helpful to research and read some general information about your topic. Any quotations, paraphrases or summaries must be documented using MLA format.
With your essay, you should answer the following questions:
• What is your topic? Make sure to give general background on your topic so your audience can understand your essay.
• How much do you already know about your topic? Why do you personally care about the topic and what do you hope to gain from researching it?
• Who are the stakeholders, specifically, who care about or are affected by your topic?
• What are [some of] the arguments/ beliefs held by the stakeholders about your topic? Generally, who believes which arguments about your topic

and why?
• Why is the topic difficult to solve? What makes the topic problematic?
• How do you plan on researching your topic? What resources will be most useful (ie academic, popular, news-based,etc)?
• What do you think your research question is or should be?

Grading Rubric:
Meets all requirements: 30
Organization and Clarity: 15
Answers questions with a readerly audience in mind: 15
Identifies complexities of topic, both among stakeholders and the author: 20
Grammar/Style: 10
Revision: 10

Last Updated on March 13, 2020

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