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Applied Behavior Analysis Unit 4 Assignment

Assignment Details

Complete this week’s Learning Activity to prepare for the Assignment.

PS360-1: Describe the evidence-based, foundational principles of applied behavior analysis used in effective behavior modification designs.

In this week’s Assignment, you will play the role of a teacher who is teaching the Applied Behavior Analysis I course.

Create a 7-8 slide narrated Power Point of your lecture-based lesson that covers the following:

  • Explain the following terms: behavior, positive and negative reinforcement, behavioral contingency, escape contingency, motivating operation (include deprivation and satiation), and token economy (include learned reinforcer and generalized learned reinforcer).
  • Now it is time to illustrate some of the concepts you have just explained by breaking down the three scenarios and explaining the contingencies at work in each (using the above terminology).
  • Complete the appropriate Contingency Diagram for each of the three given scenarios.
  • Explain the three completed contingency diagrams to your students.
  • As the teacher, you will want to make sure students understand the concepts. You will ask if they have any questions and make up three questions that you might have as a student regarding the complex principles you have taught in this lecture.
  • Respond with a brief explanation to each question.

Save your PowerPoint using Lastname underscore first name course #, unit#, assignment title Smith_Amy PSXXXAssignment.


Reading and Resources

Read the following:

Chapter 2 in Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd edition): “Basic Concepts and Principles”

The distinction between “behavior,” “response,” and “response class” are explained and behavior functions are introduced. The effects of reinforcement and punishment on behavior are discussed and examples regarding how these two principles of behavior analysis can be applied are provided. Information regarding how complex behavior, such as verbal behavior, is addressed in applied behavior analysis, is provided.

Chapter 28 in Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd edition): “Token Economy, Group Contingencies, and Contingency Contracting”

Chapter 28 introduces the reader to contingency contracts, token economies, and group contingencies. Explanation is provided regarding how generalized conditioned reinforcers are utilized in the token economy to change behavior. The three types of group contingencies are discussed and the guidelines for implementing group contingencies are presented.



Cooper, J.O.; Heron, T.E.; Heward, W.L. 2019. Applied behavior analysis. 3rd Edition.


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