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Application development

Write a paper on application development below. Should consist of at least 20 pages. Assume yourself as a developer in a company selling online perfumes. Who is assigned to design this application and asked you to document what you have done? Include if any flow charts, code used, output, time required, testing process, definitions, tools used. Document to be formatted in a single space Calibri word text.

Project: order checker

Include: everything that would an order checker and shipper application would need.

Aim: to develop a Quality assurance software to check the correct order is being processed and shipped.(all phases that may include)

Software: C#, MFC, Java, MySQL( tell what you used this for?)

Tools used: visual studio, PHP admin ( how you used both?)

Points suggested to be included: Develop and integrate a barcode scanner program to a GUI program that loads all the orders for both packing and invoice labels. And the order checker.exe to be used in the shipping department.


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