Anthropology response


There are 2 films you can watch and write a summary to receive extra credit for a total of 20pts (10 each). Any extra credit points will be added onto your existing grades.


The write-ups for each film should be:

  • 12pt, times new roman
  • 1.25 full pages (single-spaced)
  • Write in paragraph-form (think of this as 2 short papers)
  • Answer all of the questions below in your write-ups

***Disclaimer: both films depict explicit content and is chock-full of nudity, profanity, and

other adult themes. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So please, watch on your own time.***


  1. American Juggalo



  • What is the Juggalo subculture? (What musician/Genre is it connected to?)
  • What are some of the misconceptions that people have of Juggalo’s/Juggalettes?
  • Include 3 actual people and who they are in your write-up. In other words, explain in

detail the lives of 3 people interviewed in the short documentary.

  • What are the final words that the people in the documentary want others to understand

about their subculture?


  1. Trading Women


How to access:

1.Go to WSU library’s website

2.Search “Kanopy” (make sure you are logged-in)

3.Click links that will take you to the kanopy website.

4.Search “Trading Women”


  • What are some of the reasons why Thai women choose sex work?
  • What 3 countries feed into the Thai sex industry?
  • What is the life-story of the woman from Rangoon, Myanmar?
  • Why was the Victims of Trafficking Act of 2000 so controversial?
  • Why do some women choose to work at a karaoke rather than a brothel?
  • Did this film change the way you think about sex work (prostitution)?

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