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Anthropology Fieldwork 2

Do the reading and watch the first 34:49 of the film “A Man Called Bee.”

to write a response to the reading,

As you watch the film, pay close attention to all the things Chagnon, the anthropologist, does to try to guarantee validity and reliability. Do you think that he does a good job doing so? Do you think that this method can generate valid and reliable truths about the Yanomamo?

Responses can consist of intelligent questions, disagreements with the texts, interesting insights, linkages between readings, linkages to current events, or even linkages to things happening in your own life (as long as you are able to situate these things in an anthropological context). The reading responses should not merely summarize the texts.

These responses are not expected to be formal, polished pieces of writing. They are not expected to be fully developed papers. It is not necessary for you to demonstrate mastery of all the texts we read. However, they are expected to demonstrate that you have (a) read the material and (b) thought about the anthropological concepts and issues discussed in the readings. So think before you write.

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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