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Analytics for Decision-Making

SECTION A (Total 80 marks)

Question 1

Based on an organisation of your choice, search for a dashboard for the purpose of completing the following tasks.
(a) Attach a screenshot of the selected dashboard. Discuss whether the selected dashboard is strategic, tactical or operational.

(b) Explain the design principles used for creating the selected dashboard.

(c) Recommend three (3) ways to improve the dashboard.

(d) The management thinks that the dashboard should allow users to drill down to some particular aspects of the business that they are interested in. Propose a filter that you think is relevant and useful.

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(e) Propose a new chart that will help to enhance the dashboard. Justify your proposal.
You may use or change the Generic dataset (generic.xls) provided or any other publicly available data source (e.g.,, reconstruct the dashboard with the proposed changes in 1(c), 1(d), and the new chart. Provide screenshots of the new chart and the reconstructed dashboard in your report. Store the Tableau workbook into a single Tableau workbook file with extracted data named “student_number.tbwx”.
Variable Description Remarks

Customer Index ID of the customer
Age Age of the customer
Gender Gender of the customer:
F – Female, M – Male
Marital Status Marital status of the customer
Race Race of the customer
Visit_Time Date of Purchase You can change the dates range accordingly.

Visit_Type Online or store visit
Amount Amount they spent
Product Product bought
Revenue Revenue that was generated from the sales.

Revisit Either new or returning customer

Analytics for Decision-Making Question 2

(a) Based on the selected organisation in Question 1, state the mission and vision of the organisation and list one (1) of its strategic objective.

(b) Identify one (1) strategic initiative that can help to achieve the strategic objective stated in 2(a).

(c) Briefly describe (not exceeding 150 words) how the strategic initiative stated in 2(b) can be applied with a data mining approach. Your description should cover the following:
(i) data mining objective
(ii) data mining technique
(iii) how the project will help to achieve the business objective

(d) The organisation that you have selected had collected free format customer feedback over the years and will like to do a text mining project to understand their customers better.
Outline five (5) issues that the organisation is likely to face when preparing the textual data for mining, and suggest how they can be overcome.

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Question 3
(a) This final question requires you to conduct a search on successful applications of big data in the Telecom industry (e.g., SingTel’s DataSpark which is focused on big data analytics services). Give a brief summary of a big data application that you find interesting. The summary should include the following:

(i) define business and big data analytics objective(s),
(ii) describe the data used,
(iii) explain how the big data application has helped to achieve the stated business objective, and
(iv) limitation(s) of the application.
Please attached the selected article. You can refer to the case studies in the iSG as a guide.
Do not exceed 300 words. (Tip: You can search for the articles using our library resources: ).

(b) Identify and explain with details two (2) ways to improve the big data application stated in 3(a).

SECTION B (Total 20 marks)

Submit the Tableau Dashboard.
Save your Tableau workbook in .twbx format (limit file size to 20MB).

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