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The Executive Dashboard and the Trinity Mindset

Assignment 6: The Executive Dashboard and the Trinity Mindset

Please note, points will be deducted for overuse of citations. Please read the information related to this weeks points and paraphrase it and/or provide your thoughts and ideas on what it means to you in relationship to the knowledge that you have thus far.

Assignment Instructions:

  • In your own words, explain the concept of the Executive Dashboard. How would a poorly constructed Executive Dashboard impact the business?
  • Describe how you would build an effective analytics program – describe competitive intelligence tips and best practices.
  • In your own words, describe what is meant by the trinity mindset. How does the trinity mindset impact the Executive Dashboard and contribute to an effective program.

Class: You may find newer and older resources listed each week in the Lessons and Assignments; however, the older resources are still relevant in content and concept. The relevancy is noted in that they build on the structural foundation of web analytics. We must be aware that Web Analytics is always in motion, and organizations are seeking to create actionable insights driving the decision making process.

Class, please feel free to explore your own research for eBooks, journals and articles that best answer the topics and assignments. Do your best to locate resources that are no more than three (3) years old. PLEASE DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESOURCE AND OR REFERENCE.

Please be sure to review Lesson 6 for a complete listing of many resources you may find useful and relevant

Helpful Assignment Articles Web Links and Readings:

2016: Dashboards display multiple reports at once

2013: 10 Useful Google Analytics custom dashboards





Locate book “Web Analytics an Hour a Day” by Avinash Kaushik in the APUS Library, Chapter 11 pages 275-286 will be most helpful. Chapter 1 pages 15-21.



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