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Analysis of the Marketing Situation

Create a marketing plan: Find an existing product or service that is successful in a foreign country, which is NOT currently available in Canada. Your task would be to introduce this product/service to the Canadian market.


Our product is Convenient Delivery Lockers


This is our product description:


Modern people are living at a very fast pace, more and more people choose to shop online rather than go to physical stores. In other words, people are becoming lazier. With this change, delivery express services such as Canada post, Fedex and Purolator, are gradually becoming more popular. Traditionally, most express companies delivery items by giving items directly to owner if he is able to receive item during the delivery. However, for the most of time, the receiver may not at home or inconvenient to pick up the package, then those packages will transit to local post office which may be very far from customer’s residence.


Product Description:

Now, we want to introduce a new kind of convenient delivery lockers to Canadians who love online shopping. This kind of  delivery locker has already widespread used in China. The lockers compose of  several small, medium and large lockers which in order to fit different size of packages. Also, each locker has the barcode reader and keyboard. In order to make it even more convenient, each package will contains its own QR code. When the customer is not able to pick up the packages, the delivery man could  put the package in the lockers. Then, customers will receive a text message or a QR code as the password. In that case, the locker can scan the barcode or customer can type the code to get their packages.By using this delivery lockers, customers could save time from driving to local post office or reschedule delivery. Also, the express company do not need to carry the package around or delivery again for the second time.


Market and Competitors:

The convenient delivery lockers do not belong to any express companies, it is a separate services offering by the property management department of each community. Although, Canada post company provided a similar delivery lockers services in some apartments, it is not able to receive all items from other companies, since there are many large express companies in Canada including domestic and international express. Also, for direct competitor, amazon brought out a delivery locker called Hub, which is a lot look like our product.






Analysis of the Marketing Situation

The use of point-form is appropriate here, so long as each point listed is clearly phrased

and interpreted. Please use appropriate subheadings to organize your assessment of the following:

(3 pages) Need at least 5 references.

  1. Relevant factors and trends of the demographic environment, cultural and social environment, theeconomic environment, the technological environment, the political and legal environment (ifapplicable), natural and ecological environments (if applicable), etc.
  2. Competitor analysis, such as defining direct and indirect competitors, what is the likelihood of newcompetition, what is the intensity of competition, what are specific competitors’ advantages anddisadvantages, competitive barriers that need to be overcome, areas of potential competitiveadvantage, etc.
  3. Customer analysis (organizational and/or final consumer), including evaluating possible segmentingdimensions (customer needs, consumer behaviors, and other characteristics that form the basesfor segmentation). Identify and profile the target market(s) relating to the specific product-categoryunder consideration including potential size, and likely growth.

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