Analysis of finance manager

Case :

assume that you got a job in X company appointed as vice president finance. After 3 month of your appointment you found that, many finance related problems are faced by treasurer and controller working under you. You called them for a meeting and found the following problems discussed by them:

  1. We don’t have enough cash to maintain daily operation.

2.Our sales are good, but our profits are really low.

  1. A large majority of our clients pay late on a regular basis
  2. we need to raise capital, but we’re not sure which funding option to chose ?
  3. We pay creditors and expenses late on a regular basis.Ho can we gain control of payabless?

you required to give at less two (2) solutions for each problem discussed above by the treasurer and controller with proper justification and explanation ( at less 100 word each) . So that company’s operations work smoothly.

Give reference eBook,textbook and central


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