Analysis of a marketing campaign for a healthy snack bar

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Marketing Communications 

ASSIGNMENT #1: Individual

Analysis of a marketing campaign for a healthy snack bar

Value 30%

Overview The assignment requires you to analyse a marketing communications campaign within a specific product category. In doing so you will understand the managerial decisions that were made with respect to a campaign and appreciate the need to plan marketing communications in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

Details Select a communications piece (e.g., TV, digital, print, social media ad or guerilla marketing material etc.) from a marketing campaign related to healthy snack bars.

Ideally the communications piece should be from an Australian campaign.

You are required to critique elements of the communication piece for the brand (i.e. discuss the negative and positive aspects), in terms of the communications objectives, creative strategies & tactics used, as well as the target customer and category positioning (market partitioning) involved. In particular, look at positioning (market needs) and customer persona(s).

Essentially you are required to apply many of the class concepts. Make sure to conclude with a paragraph stating how successful you think the campaign is in reaching the objectives you can infer they want to achieve, and, discussing at least one change (specifically to the material you chose for this assignment) that you think would make the campaign more successful (even if you think it is already successful) and why.

It is likely you will not have access to information about the entire campaign, so you will need to make informed inferences by using class content and researching industry information and other sources. You might not be able to consider all the stages (e.g., objectives and budgeting stages) as you would not necessarily have information, however, make an informed guess by stating for example what they “appear to” (or “don’t appear to”), and then provide an explanation to why you think they “appear to” (or “don’t appear to”).

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