Amedisys Home Health

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Final Project Topic: Amedisys Home Health

Amedisys is a leading provider of healthcare in the home with a vision of becoming the premiere solution for patients across the country to age in place. From home health to hospice to personal care, Amedisys team members provide quality, clinically distinctive care to more than 369,000 patients every year. I chose this organization because of their values and they are a large home health company with about 500 locations within 45 states.

Final Project Objectives

  1. Understand impact of marketing environments on health services marketing strategy
  2. Develop marketing objectives
  3. Apply marketing concepts of segmenting, targeting and positioning a health services market
  4. Describe a health services organization’s current marketing mix and suggest modifications based on marketing objectives
  5. Identify measurements to access the marketing plan’s impact on the health services organization.
  6. Demonstrate college-level research and writing skills commensurate with a 300-level course

Steps to completing a Successful Final Project webcam/video:

  1. Chose a specific health services organization. You can choose any health care organization that interests you. This can be because you work for the organization, would like to work for the organization, are a patient or client of the health services organization, or any other reason that will inspire you to examine the organization’s marketing efforts. Be sure you either are sufficiently knowledgeable about the organization or can gather information on the organization and its competitors. Since the focus in this course is on the health services patient/client, please do not chose health care insurance plans or pharmaceutical companies.

2.Research your health service organization. Your research should take many forms. Your research should also include a visit to the organization, interviews with key administrators or marketers (if possible), research on the category of health services in which the organization belongs, e.g. hospitals, physician practice, etc., website review, review of similar services which would be considered direct competitors.

  1. Keep your Power Point presentation simple. Reserve the main portion of your presentation for your key findings, conclusions and recommendations. Use exhibits to add supplemental or source information such as charts and graphs.


4.Be sure to include end notes and/or a reference page as part of your grade is on your ability to demonstrate these skills.

  1. Review your Power Point Presentation against the project rubric. You may want to revisit those sections that would appear not to provide you with enough points for an acceptable grade.


  1. Carefully edit your Power Point Presentation to be sure it presents your best work, is free of typos, is appropriately cited and referenced; and that it clearly communicates your points.


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