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Activity 1 – Identify Outcomes

Activity 1: Identify Outcomes (due the beginning of class for week 2) 

Once you have received approval from your instructor about your topic (look in Week 1), you may proceed to the next steps outlined below.

Create a simple report that answers the following questions: 

  1. How will this IT capability provide an Operational Capability and which Capabilities are these?
  2. How will this Operational Capability enable a Business Capability and which Capabilities are these?
  3. How would you be able to measure each capability (setting goals)? Advice: Keep the idea simple. Note: Keep in mind, it may be easier to visualize your idea if you start from the Business Capabilities (new line of business, reduced production cost, increased customer loyalty, etc.) and then identify the Operational Capabilities (increase in quality, increase in efficiency, increase in customer interaction, etc.) the organization will have to develop in order to support the Business Capabilities, and finally, identify the IT Capabilities (CRM, BI, etc.) that need to be developed in order to enable the organization to perform the required Operational Capabilities.


  1. Design an app for the guests to visit from several countries
  2. Design a webservice for the wedding


  1. Now a days we have so many apps like Airbnb, Make my trip, HomeAway etc. I would like to design an app like VR cameras. For example, if we take Airbnb is a famous to stay so, if we want to book a house through Airbnb we will login and see the details and justlook at the pictures of house and customer reviews. My design is VR cameras with this camera we can look everything inside the house. Most of the people before booking the house the will check everything its good or bad after that the will be book their house. With the VR cameras from every place all over the world we can see everything how the house will be looks, like interior design, kitchen, sit out, bedrooms this will help a lot to the people to book their houses.


  1. Hawaii is the one of the best places in the US. Most of the people visit this place in the vacation time from all over the world. It is famous for the destination weddings and people are crazy for this destination weddings.Now a days, people are dancing in the weddings and attracting the people it’s a cool place for the people can enjoy in Hawaii. In the wedding seasons we will be catering the different types of dishes like starters, veg and non-veg items sweets, juices etc.Having this webservice we can catered like pizzas, burgers, cocktails, and mocktails so, people will be more comfortable with this and we can attract the customers.



Activity 1 – Identify Outcomes


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