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Accuracy of the technology


Part 1Please look at the image and code below. You can see it more clearly on this page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (scroll down on the page a bit).


You need no technical experience whatsoever to analyze the scores in the code to the right of the image. The system is identifying the emotion on the faces of the individuals in the photo. Answer the following question on the first page of your submission: What is your theory regarding the code and the score that is applied to happy faces? You can answer in 1 sentence. There is a correct answer, and it will involve a numeral.

Part 2

Take 3 selfies, each showing your face expressing 3 different emotions. On the Microsoft Cognitive Services page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., right below the image of the five happy people, upload 1 photo at a time. Take a screen shot that includes the selfie and the code, like the example of my selfie and code (below). Insert the screen shot of your 1st selfie on the 2nd page of your assignment. Continue with the next 2 photos on the next two pages.

On the last page of your file, evaluate the accuracy of the technology in terms of identifying your emotions in photos. This is page 5 of your submission, and you can write a couple sentences.

Also on page 5, in at least one paragraph, describe how this technology might support business. Be very specific. Use examples.
Upload your 5-page file to this assignment.

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