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​Soccer Team (planing, organizing, leading, controlling) Project

Soccer Team (planing, organizing, leading, controlling) Project ⚽

Your job is to plan, organize, lead, and control a training. What I describe here are guidelines and minimums.

Your main objective is to deliver a training.

In this essay you will imagine that you have a 25 soccer player , so you will set up a scenario and plan to train them and to notice the development at the end.

this project will have four steps which are:


➖ Develop a plan that clearly defines who you are going to train, ( 25 soccer players)

➖ what you will train them in :

✔ skill development (by set up some exercises to develop dribbling, passing, shooting and so on)

✔ Time management ( by create a channel of communication throw WhatsApp chat group to send a schedule of training times for exercises and also to distribute tasks between players such as: washing the shirts and who bring juices and bottled water to the field.)

✔ endurance training (i.e. running),

✔ elements of fitness such as:

Strength and strength endurance training

Speed and power

Flexibility, warming up and cooling down


➖ Create a mission and vision statement.

➖ Design SMART goals for your training firm.

➖ Include at a minimum SWOT Analysis and any other tools you might find useful or desirable in your planning.


➖ Describe and evaluate the culture of your training firm.

(2 teams each on has 11 players , we were assigned to do multiple task such as warm up , washing the soccer kit , and remembering the formation ) Formation:*soccer formation is a basic shape of a soccer team. Most soccer formations are described in numbers of outfield players from the defense forward. So 4-2-4, means four defenders, two midfield players and four attackers*

➖ What are the observable artifacts and espoused values that provide support for your claims?

➖ Also describe the structure of your firm.

➖ Describe how and why your group came together. (University friends)

➖ How did you choose your group?

➖ Were there any changes in group composition?

🔴 Leading

➖ Analyze your motivation levels and how they relate to your performance levels.

➖ how do you motivate people in your firm to perform?

➖Analyze the motivations of the people you are training.

➖ Analyze yourself as a team in terms of effectiveness.

➖how do you manage conflict?

➖ Describe your team in terms of the stages of team development. In chapter 13, there are considerations described regarding building a group into an effective team. Evaluate and describe your team based on these criteria.

➖ in what ways did people in your firm provide leadership?

🔴 Controlling

➖ Evaluate your training performance as a firm

➖if there were any courses of corrective action you decided to take, describe and evaluate them

➖Evaluate the performance of each individual—specifically describe each individual’s contribution

➖ Create a balanced scorecard for yourself. Consider me the shareholder and your trainees your customers.

➖ Provide evidence for the effectiveness of your training. You may choose to test people before and after training to see what they have learned or provide a survey in which trainees evaluate the training they received. But you are not limited to these two options. You now have Qualtrics at your disposal, so you may choose to use that tool.

➖ Design a flowchart that shows the flow of your training operations


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