Youth Ministry


Write a5–6 page paper(not including cover page and bibliography) presenting your philosophy concerning youth ministry.
Reflect on what you have learned in this course and explain how it has impacted your philosophy of youth ministry. Be honest about the

areas in which you will need to improve in your ministry. Include your ministry dreams and goals. Also, elaborate on your core values and

approaches in relation to evangelism, worship, missions, biblical depth, and discipleship. You need to draw from the various textbook

authors from this course, our online discussions, and your 9 interviews for this material. That means you should have a multi-entry

bibliography for this paper (you do not need bibliography entries or footnotes for your interviews).
Make sure to include ways in which you want to see parents becoming more involved in student ministry. There should also be a brief

overview of events and activities that you might suggest that would fit into your overall youth ministry strategy.

Finally, evaluate the ways in which your personal life was challenged to change or grow as a result of your study of this course. Most

importantly, include your family vision of how you will seek to balance ministry with the demands of family. Be thorough, realistic, and

brutally honest! This paper should be a kind of manifesto for student ministry as you see it today and in the future.

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