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According to your text, “in 2015, one in seven people in Canada lived in poverty; 250,000 people were homeless and emergency shelters were at maximum capacity … food bank usage had increased by 25 percent since the 2008-2009 economic recession … and precarious employment (insecure, unpredictable, low wage, and few benefits) had increased by nearly 50 percent over the last 20 years.”                                                                                                     (Hick pg. 66)









Community Service Learning (CSL) is a form of experiential learning where students contribute to their community by participating in professor-approved community service related to course learning objectives and then produce a corresponding reflective assignment.
Reflection is about careful thought and critical analysis – ‘making meaning’ – of what we have experienced and learned.  It is not a summary of events.  Careful reflection means we are considering what we think and how we feel about what we have experienced and learned.


Purpose of this Assignment:

To experience and learn about community resources connected to poverty.






Part I                                   Community Service Learning Experience


(1) You will volunteer at a Food Bank or an approved poverty related organization in your community for a                 total of four hours.

(2) You are encouraged to journal experiences, thoughts and reactions soon after your experience, for use                 later in the semester in completing a reflective paper.

(3) In our Week 7 class you will provide signed documentation from your organization to your Professor.                 You must keep the original for your records as this is a requirement of the SSW program first                 semester community hours.


Note: You will be bound by confidentiality in doing this assignment. You will not discuss details of the organization or their clientele.








Part II:                                Reflection Paper








  • 3 pages in length (not including cover page and reference page)
  • Minimum of 2 references to course materials
  • APA format



Guiding Questions:

5 marks


5 Marks



5 Marks



  • What did you learn that is new or different from what you knew before?
  • How has what you experienced or learned made you feel?


  • What were some of the challenges that you encountered in trying to help people who struggle with poverty?
  • What are some of the challenges of trying to deal with poverty on a larger scale?


  • What can be done to influence or change the issue of poverty in your community?




APA Format:


5 marks
  • Cover Page / Body / Reference Page
  • Minimum of 2 references
  • Connections to course materials



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