Yeast and Cellular Respiration

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Yeast and Cellular Respiration Lab Report

Directions: Follow the prompts below.

  1. Watch the following video.

Answer the following questions.

  • Describe the experimental setup.
  • What gas is being collected in the balloons?
  • Which solution (glucose, fructose, etc.) yielded the greatest reaction rate, and how do you know this?
  • Describe what is measured by the balloon volume. How does it correlate with yeast growth? Be specific.
  1. Go to:

Read through the Introduction and Key Concepts to get familiar with the background. Read the background in your Home Lab Manual as well.

  1. Use the following data for your Midterm Lab Report write up.

Follow the same guidelines for the report as if you completed the data on your own. You should also create a graph to illustrate the results:

Bottle Independent Variable Balloon Size (Partially filled, Filled, Greatly Filled, Not Filled) Yeast Growth (Small growth, Medium Growth, Large Growth, No Growth)
1 No Heat Partial Small
2 Control 1 Filled Medium
3 Control 2 Filled Medium
4 1/3 Sugar Partial Small
5 No Sugar Partial No Growth
6 Double Sugar Great Large Growth


Bottle Independent Variable Balloon Volume (cm3) Yeast Growth (cm)
1 No Heat 7.8404 2
2 Control 1 6.7013 12
3 Control 2 6.6342 9
4 1/3 Sugar 2.9485 3
5 No Sugar 7.8404 0
6 Double Sugar 11.4928 10


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