Written Assignment 5

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Written Assignment 5

Written Assignment 5

Select a sample dataset from the Econometric Analysis Web site (involving a time series/year variable) to perform a time-series analysis. Then, in a two- to three-page analysis report, describe at least one variable in the dataset statistically using Microsoft Excel or other similar spreadsheet program. Use APA format in your report. Include the following in your report:

  1. A table summarizing the data
  2. A line chart displaying the data selected (non-year variables being a separate line)
  3. Written description explaining your interpretation of the line chart [MO5.4]

For assistance with Excel, please watch the following videos:


The following links provide online writing aids to help you with your paper assignments:

  • OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University
  • Writer’s Handbook, the Writing Center APA Guidelines


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