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Writing outcome Question 1

After reading the article, Digital Game Changers, research one the 8 new digital trends discusssed in the article, Digital Trends to Watch For. Focus on how an internet giant like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Twitter is implementing it. Describe the new trend and how it changes the online content distribution of that company.

Here is the answers down below. and choose any 2 to give them feedback from A-C ( just give them feedback nothing else)

4 full sentences is fine for each feedback

A- Chatbots are those pesky chatboxes that pop up on certain sites in an attempt to interact with users. They may be pesky but they’re smart and can be very helpful in completing any number of tasks on the visited site. Facebook already uses this technology to interact with users to personalize interactions between FB and the user. The benefit to the site using the chatbots is increased efficiency.


B- First I’d like to say that Gian Fulgoni, Andrew Lipsman, and Aaron Taube all must have had a crystal ball they were looking in when they were writing these articles nearly 5 years ago. It’s fascinating to see that these ‘trends’ that they were writing about back then, are more or less the norm today.

I’d like to talk about Google, more specifically YouTube, and how they have “blurred the line between TV and online video” (Taube, 2014). YouTube introduced a new live TV streaming service nearly a year ago called YouTube TV. For a single fee of $40/month a person can receive over 60 networks of live TV, and this fee also includes a DVR feature for the account so live TV shows can be recorded and watched later. This is a big step forward in making TV and online video into one package.

This is something that TV providers are going to have to take notice of because it will begin to take a large percentage of their market. YouTube TV is available to view on a desktop computer, mobile device, and most smart TVs. If a customer doesn’t have a smart TV or one that supports YouTube TV a cheap streaming device (e.g. chrome cast, Roku, etc.) can be purchased and the TV in the living room can now play the content from YouTube TV.

One of the most appealing aspects of this service is the one fee for service. Many cable companies have multiple fees for a single service (e.g. equipment rental fee, HD package fee, DVR service fee, etc.), and YouTube has decided to cut through all of those fees and simply charge just a flat rate across the board.

Google already does a remarkable job at knowing their customers and the type of content that their customers are interested in. There have been reports from YouTube TV users that state that without inputting any additional information, the first time they signed into their YouTube TV account (using the same Google account they use for other services) they were presented with viewing options of their favorite sport and sports team. With YouTube TV advertisers can now use the precision advertising services that is used on social media, and other online formats, but with huge markets.

TV events like the Super Bowl, Grammys, Olympics, and so forth that traditionally draws millions of sets of eyes to the screen, can now have individualized adds depending on who is logged in to the YouTube TV account. Sounds like a win, win, win scenario – win for advertisers, win for YouTube, and a win for viewers. The only loosing party is the traditional TV providers if they don’t keep up this trend.

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C- Amazon achieve more sales effectively by utilizing Landing Cube to capture and send potential buyers from Facebook or Messenger to a customized Amazon landing page. Amazon capture customer’s email and sends them a promotional code or coupon that links them towards other Amazon products and services.

Source: https://landingcube.com/introducing-messenger/

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Writing outcome Question 2

  • What is meant by hardening an operating system and what steps are involved?
  • What is patching and what devices should be patched in a business information communication system (ICT)?
  • What are some ways to back up your data, computers, mobile devices, and networking devices?

Take a look at the following resources to help with this week’s discussion board:

Here is the answers down below. and choose any 2 to give them feedback from A-C ( just give them feedback nothing else)

4 full sentences is fine for each feedback

A- 1) Hardening means adding measures into your environment that help make it more difficult for it to be compromised by hackers. You can add things like multi-factor authentication, stronger fire walls, and maintaining updates and patches.

2) Patching is updating your software through manufacturer issued updates to help make sure your devices aren’t open to exploits in old software. All devices that are connected to the internent and are used for work should be patched. Anything that isn’t is an open door for hackers to get into your network and assets.

3) An easy way to back up your data is to have an off-site service such as cloud storage or physical server room hold all your data in case there is a catastrophic failure and loss of data on-site. Then you’ll be able to pull your data back into your environment and save yourself from lost data and a slow recovery time.

B- 1.Hardening of the operating system is the at of configuring an operating system securely, updating it, creating rules and policies to help govern the system in a secure manner, and removing unnecessary applications, and services. This is done to minimize a computer’s operating system’s exposure to threats and to mitigate possible risk. There are some steps involved as follows:

  1. Programs clean-up
  2. Use of service packs
  3. Patches and patch management
  4. Group policies
  5. Security Templates
  6. Configuration baselines
  7. Patch management is an area of systems management that involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches to an administered computer systems. Patches must be applied at least every 30 days unless an exception has been approved by the management authority that includes an appropriate risk analysis and compensating controls.
  8. There are plenty of options available for people looking to backup their data, all with their own pros and cons. There are several ways that backup could have been taken as follows:
  9. USB stick
  10. External hard drive
  11. Time machine
  12. Network Attached storage
  13. Cloud storage
  14. Printing

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Hardening an OS means to configure it in order to be more secure. This way we reduce the exposure of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malware and hackers. There are a lot of different ways and steps to follow in order to secure it as best as possible. However, there are some steps that should be followed to at least assure a successful hardening: 1. Keeping the OS up to date downloading and installing the last updates facilitated by the own operating system. 2. Install a good antivirus program. 3. Install a good antimalware compatible with your previously installed antivirus program. 4. Use strong passwords. 5. Don’t surf or download content on questionable websites.

Patching (or code changing) is a result of testing and finding vulnerabilities on what was tested, like in an operating system. For an operating system, there are several workers who try to find vulnerabilities in its software. Once they are found, they correct them by changing the code and upload this patch or fixed version of the operating system. These patches are also commonly known as updates. In the ICT business world, the devices that should get patched at least every 30 days, in order to assure that they are working properly and well secured are devices such as printers, PCs…

There are a lot of ways to back up your system data like for example using a USB external drive. This way you will have a copy of your data in a physical storage, where you can access whenever you want. Another way could be to store all your data over the Internet, where you can find different services that could store your back up. Or another similar way is to use a Cloud storage service.

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