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Writing Assignment – Week 1

Writing Assignment – Week 1


IMPORTANT: Be sure that you follow the instructions carefully!

Write a 250-word (minimum) response to each writing prompt below. You must meet the minimum word count for each response to get full credit.
Use only the assigned readings unless otherwise instructed.
Your responses must include quotes from each text used to get full credit. Be sure to quote, cite, and reference from the text(s) using appropriate APA format. For assistance with APA citations, review the APA Format link (go to the Start Here menu and then click on Course Resources).
Put all writing assignments in ONE Microsoft Word document, and identify your work by using your last name in the file name (example: LastnameWeek1.docx). Upload it by clicking on the “W1 Writing Assignments” link below and upload the file as an attachment. As a Keiser student, you are expected to have access to Microsoft Word (see the college catalog for details).

This Week’s Writing Assignments

1. Poetry often elicits emotional responses from readers. Compare one of your personal experiences to the feelings and sensations in one of the assigned Shakespearean sonnets. Remember to describe the EMOTIONS involved in both the poem and your experience! What specific diction (word choice) indicates the emotions in this poem? Be sure to include two quotes from the poem that relate to your experience. – 250 Words


You can write your own sonnet, following the rules for any of the three sonnets (generic, English, or Italian) including rhyme scheme and organization of the stanzas. Your sonnet must be fourteen lines in length and follow one of the patterns described in the Poetry Lecture. Then, discuss your process for writing the sonnet, including your decision of which sonnet form to use and how your diction (word choice) enhanced the meaning of the sonnet. You must still meet word count criteria.

2: Discuss Malory’s story of Guinevere and Lancelot in terms of chivalry, the courtly love tradition, and the tragic hero (be sure to include working definitions of each term). How do these terms help you understand the story and the social aspects of that time? What do you see that remains of chivalry or the courtly love tradition in today’s social interactions? Be sure you use two quotes from the text! – 250 words

answer 1 and 2 questions for week 1 writing assignment 250 words and which total of 500 words together.

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