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Cellular Locations of Metabolic Enzymes

CONTENTS   Practical No.                                                                                                                                       Page   Introduction to microscopy and measurement of cellular structures using an eye piece graticule/Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining of cheek cells [to be peer-assessed during session itself] 2   Observation of chromosomes undergoing mitosis in onion root tips [to be peer-assessed during session itself]                                     7   Measurement of enzyme activity …

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Legalization of marijuana

MOTIVATIONAL SEQUENCE     Persuasive Speech Outline – Complete this outline in full and complete sentences. General Purpose:            To Persuade Specific Purpose:             What your audience gets out of the presentation Central Idea:                      The thesis of the speech   TITLE INTRODUCTION   GAIN ATTENTION: Identify the problem Attention-Getter:            Give the audience a wow moment to …

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Modest Proposal” Assignment

Modest Proposal” Assignment Think about a widespread problem or social issue (political, economic, environmental, school-related, etc.) and write your own “Modest Proposal” satirizing the attitudes that surround the issue. Model your essay after Jonathan Swift’s parody: describe a real-world problem and propose an outrageous solution. Try to sound serious and convincing. Use the rhetorical appeals …

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