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Wrist Assessment

Please Answer these three questions below in three separate paragraphs with APA references and citation.  

Please take a look at the PowerPoint labeled Sample Wrist Assessment and respond to the below, trying not to repeat the same answer.

  1. List and explain, ONE reason that it is important to know the surface anatomy of the wrist and hand and be able to refer to it by name (thenar eminence, distal palmar crease, etc) in practice or documentation.
  2. List and explain, ONE reason that you should be aware of the normal arches of the hand, and how this will be helpful to you clinically.( as occupational Therapist )


  1. Our wrists and hands are a large part of how we express ourselves and interact with the world. List ONE observation you might make about your patient/client upon initially meeting them (for example in the waiting room before they even get into your exam room), that would give you some initial information about their wrist or guide the rest of your evaluation in some way.  Explain how you would tie in your understanding of the wrist anatomy to better guide your observational skills and the path your assessment takes after that observation.


Last Updated on January 29, 2018

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