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Women Raising their Children Behind Bars

Question 1) 

Watch the video (link below) and answer the question. Response must be at least 180 words in length with direct quote from the video. 

What stood out to you in the “Jail Babies” documentary? Do you feel sorry for these women raising their children behind bars? Why or why not? You will find the documentary in this week’s Module under “Jail Babies Power Point” lecture.

Answer questions 2 and 3 from chapters 8 and 9. Each answer (questions and comments) should at least be 180 words in length Each initial and comments MUST include a direct quotation from text book (link below) with a citation to receive credit.

This is the link for the textbook. Use the textbook 

Question 2) 

Use chapter 8 to answer. Should the U.S. government be responsible for providing all citizens with access to the Internet?  Or is gaining Internet access an individual responsibility?  Why or why not?

Question 3) 

Use chapter 9 to answer. Is it fair that an actor or sport athlete makes more money than a doctor or a teacher, or a person serving in the military?

Write one comment for each paragraph. The comment must be at least 180 words in length with direct quote and citation from textbook.

Provide comment to the following answer for chapter 9:

It is unfair that an actor or sports athlete makes more money than a doctor, teacher, or person serving in the military. Sadly, this is because of “Social stratification” our society’s labeling of its “people into rankings based on factors like wealth, income, education, family background, and power” (Chapter 9, 9.1). Doctors go through at least eight years of school to earn their doctrine. The mind of a doctor would almost seem priceless; they can heal the sick. Ironically the doctors are the ones that heal the athletes when they are injured or ill.

A serviceman or woman fights for our right to be free, and ironically with that freedom, the athletes can perform freely. Teachers help students acquire knowledge and expand their minds to grow into successful members of society and maybe even that star athlete. If you ask any athlete, there will always be that special teacher who inspired them to become great. Nevertheless, the question remains, why do athletes make more money?

Due to social stratification, the greater the social function, the more valued a person living in the spotlight becomes. Thankfully for conflict theorists, they are asking the tricky question and making statements, “it seems wrong that a basketball player is paid millions for an annual contract while a public-school teacher may earn $35,000 a year” (Chapter 9, 9.3). If more athletes would use their money to give back in poverty-stricken areas, we might one day start to see an equal, thriving, and productive society.

Provide comment to the following answer for chapter 9:

I believe that the U.S government should provide internet access to all citizens. There are times where people don’t have money to get internet access or need to go to places to connect to the internet.

Nowadays internet access is important because in school and in work and in office and other places and also knowledge of the internet.  In the book “Introduction to Sociology” it states

This is also known as a knowledge gap, which is “an ongoing and increasing gap in information for those who have less access to technology”(ch.8 pg.158).

These are the people that work in companies that don’t need the internet as much as someone that works in the office all day. If the U.S government ever did give us internet access it will honestly benefit a lot of people that might not be able to afford it or those who don’t have access in general. every day we get internet access people are not going to want to work but stay home and that is where the rate of jobs can go down in a bad way. There are places in the world that there is no internet access so it is honest so unfair for them to not have access or ever know what going on in the world.

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