Wiki Assignment

First WIKI Assignment

Your assignment is to create a glossary of key terms and concepts, a working vocabulary for the course section on Chile. Each student should contribute 5 entries to this Wiki. Each entry should consist in 5 -7 sentences, depending on the complexity of the concept or term. Four of the entries should be chosen from the list below; a fifth entry should be added by the student. Select the concepts that you add carefully. Entries cannot be repeated among the members of the same group.

Please organize the glossary neatly and legibly. This is not an exercise in copy and paste from Wikipedia or any other source. You have to define terms in your own words, adding pictures or using multimedia (using the functions in the content editor) to illustrate the concept or term chosen when appropriate. You all have commenting (and editing) privileges. Use them! This is a group assignment, that is to say, a collaborative task. It is worth 14 points. Please see the syllabus for Scoring Rubrics for Wikis.

Entries proposed by Instructor:

Agrarian reform

Amnesty Law of 1978

Aylwin, Patricio

Bachelet, Michelle

CNI (Central Nacional de Informaciones)

Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez

Chicago Boys

Cold War

Democracia Cristiana or Christian Democratic Party

DINA (National Intelligence Directorate)

Frei Montalva, Eduardo

Kissinger, Henry

Lagos, Ricardo

Letelier, Orlando

Military coup


Milton Friedman

MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria)


Neruda, Pablo

Operation Condor

Partido Nacional or Nacionalist Party of Chile

Partido Radical or Radical Party

Pinochet’s detention in London (1998)

Plebiscite (October 1988)

Political Left

Political Right

Reparations (transitional justice)

Rettig Commission (or National Truth and Reconciliation Commission)

Riggs Bank Scandal

September 11, 1973

Transitional Justice

Truth Commission

Unidad Popular or Popular Unity Coalition

Valech Commission (National Commission on Torture)

Vicaría de la Solidaridad

Víctor Jara

Villa Grimaldi

Note: These entries have to be explained in terms of Chile. This is to say, that if you are going to explain “Nixon” the entry has to focus in his relationship to Chile. The same when you explain terms such as “Political Right” or “Political Left,” etc.

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