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Why you agree or disagree with the thesis

Explain why you agree or disagree with the thesis, reasons, and evidence presented.*


Around 250 word. 


Jitterbug Perfume is one of the easiest examples of postmodernism to point to, as even on the surface level, it satisfies the foremost idea of postmodernism – “think globally, act locally” (Klages 5). The entirety of the book is structured in such a way so as to guide the reader towards its inevitable conclusion; to, in the words of Robbins, “hold on to your divine blush, your innate rosy magic, or end up brown” (Robbins 341).

This statement is not to say that one should simply remain innocent all of their life, but it is an encouragement to the reader to stay in the moment, and to remain a part in their own life. This is not to say that someone should abandon their own concepts of a “grand narrative” (Klages 5), but that one should strive to help the situation without being a slave to their own anxiety and the stress that can come from potentially overthinking the environment around you.

Jitterbug Perfume, down to the very plot it provides you with, is a story about trying to find immortality. However, as the book continues, it is revealed that this immortality is fact not all it is cracked up to be, and that in both Alobar’s and Kudra’s chase for infinite life, they have neglected to “live in the moment.” It is not until about halfway through the book that Kudra begins to recognize the error in her ways, and instead states that she wishes to stop “moving on. I am finished with moving on. I want a shop, I want a home, and I want to stay there” (Robbins 158). It is in this sentence that the very core point of the book is revealed to us – stop worrying, achieve your goals one by one, and most importantly – “remain hopeful!”


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