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Why legalizing marijuana is beneficial

Clearly identify your decision maker and how the value supports adherence to your proposition.
3.Your argument/case should be supported by evidence, values and credibility, but a main focus should be on a “core” value
4.At the beginning of your paper clearly explain the “core” value upon which your proposition is based.
5.Use the same basic format as the first paper.
6.Paper should be at least 5-6 pages- double spaced 11 or 12 size font.
7.Build a case supporting your proposition.
8. Cite your sources of supporting information/evidence. You need to have at least 4-5 good credible sources. If the source is not credible on its face, then you must demonstrate to your D.M. why it is credible.
9.Examine both sides of the issues.
10.State why your side is preferable.
11.State a clear conclusion of what action you desire your decision maker to take

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