Why Johnny Failed the Test Assignment

There’s a great deal to cover in this module and you might be having some trouble keeping everything straight. This assignment is designed to help you apply some of what you have been learning.

  • Identify/Give examples of semantic, episodic, and procedural memories and distinguish between explicit and implicit memories;
  • Identify/Describe methods you can use to improve your memory;
  • Distinguish between theories of forgetting (e.g., decay theory, interference theory);
  • Recognize/Create examples of retroactive and proactive interference;
  • Identify/Describe what is known regarding the accuracy of memory and recognize/give examples of situations that may result in false memories; and
  • Organize and accurately present material.


  1. Complete the Why Johnny Failed the Test handout ; be careful to follow all instructions and fully answer all questions. It’s important to fully answer each question to earn full credit.
  2. Submit the completed handout below.


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