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Why is the narrator unable to cope with his guilt?


Why is the narrator unable to cope with his guilt?
Writing Prompt for The Tell-Tale Heart


Please refer to syllabus as to a guide for the essay. The goal is to begin understanding the work in the manner the work affects you. The most effective to understand a story or essay is to reflect on the work in a personal way. This essay will be reflective in nature. There are many ways in which the essay may be written. Please reflect on the author’s work and think about how relevant his work is for today’s world. The purpose of the paper is to be creative in one’s thinking. Please attempt to be original as possible. Good Luck.


Length: Five Paragraphs

Double Space

Font: Times Roman and 12 point

MLA Format

Reference when necessary

Checklist for Essay:

Clear thesis statement
Purpose of essay clearly laid out in introductory paragraph
Each paragraph contains only one idea
Correct punctuation
Essay adheres to common grammar rules
There is a conclusion which ties essay together


Originality 30%

Content 30%

Grammar 20%

Organization 20%

Topic: Why is the narrator unable to cope with his guilt?

Rubric for Writing


State purpose of essay
Inform the reader what one will learn by reading the essay or narrative
Direction of Paper-How are you going to write the essay?

Body Paragraphs

How the paragraphs are to be written will be based upon the journey you want to take the reader on throughout your writing. The format will be decided upon the individual writer.



Restate the main idea of your essay, or your thesis statement.
Summarize the sub points of your writing.
Leave the reader with an interesting final impression.



Double spaced whether word processed or hand written
Minimum of 300 words
Use Rubric for a checklist
Originality 30%
Content 30
Summary of reading and mini-research paper 40%



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