Whispers from the Grave



Each of the stories in this unit deals with the concept of ghosts, but the stories are told from a nonfiction perspective.  Each author has a different viewpoint on the subject of ghosts. Their viewpoint influences how they present their article.

In a 2 to 3 paragraph response, select one of the writers from the unit and evaluate the writer’s viewpoint on the subject:
Please make it clear about which article you are writing.
How well does the writer make a supernatural subject real for the reader?
How effective was the organization of the article?
Use text examples to support your responses.
Remember to add in text citations for the text examples
(author, year of publication, page or paragraph number)
Do you believe in the existence of supernatural phenomena? Why or why not (please remember to be academic in your response).

Whispers from the grave





Now it is time to show both your creativity and your newly learned expertise about creative nonfiction.

Create a brief, original story about a true, nonfiction, out of the ordinary experience and use a creative format to convey it to your audience.

  1. Think about “The Man on the Tracks,” https://www.creativenonfiction.org/online-reading/man-tracks.  and how that author took a shocking experience and wrote a creative piece to express the tale.


  1. This experience does not have to have a supernatural connection, but if you have a paranormal tale to tell, then feel free to use it.

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