What is jazz?

This Writing Assignment should communicate effectively a critical evaluation of Jazz and include some Jazz Artist’s background and repertoire. Included should be an analysis of some composition’s musical style and historical significances, as well as, a concise researched cultural background on the composer of each composition. Your statements should demonstrate the use of musical terms in identifying any important musical elements, the instruments of the ensemble and the impact of the performance on the audience..

This assignment should include the following information:
A Definition of “Jazz” from 3 sources, each with a Reference! One source must be a “Print” material source! Your textbook can be included! Also, the MDC and Public Libraries have many available “Print” materials. These materials are not limited to Books, Record Jacket “Liner Notes” or Periodicals!

2) Examples of Jazz Artists, from different Jazz Styles and a famous recorded song from each of the artists indicated. See your textbook for a summary.

Papers are to be typed, double spaced with one-inch margins. Do not bind or place in a folder. Turn in each critique stapled in the upper left hand corner.

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