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Web Application Development

Create dynamic user-interface elements, including simple rollovers and complex navigation bars.· Work with libraries to manage repeating site elements. · Use web development software to construct dynamic web pages. · Design and evaluate websites. · Design and implement dynamic web pages using JavaScript. ·

#Read the scenario in Instructions file, understand and design a portfolio

Guidelines :

* Use Page Number & References should be academic quality from quality sources and Harvard Reference Notation should be used.

* required to use appropriate literature review and use of many library resources to complete this assignment.

* using correct Citation and CU-Harvard Referencing Style.

* read the SCENARIO from the Instructions file carefully

* answer all the tasks Individually

# the proposal of this case study will be attached

Evaluate the full website  Strategy·you should mention the following criteria in evaluating the website.  &  Look·Credibility  &  Usability·feel  &  Traffic·Readability  & Suggestions to improve the system


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