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Weather Data Collection and Analysis Project

Comparison/Analysis of Data with Daily Weather Maps

With respect to the Daily Weather Map, please analyze the pressure systems affecting each of the four weather stations, and the movement of the fronts over the 7-day period. The reason for doing so is to correlate as best as you can the movement and the passage of the fronts/pressure systems with respect to causation of the weather represented by the data that you collected for each weather station over the 7-day period. Since the Daily Weather Map is for the entire continental U.S., it is applicable to all of the four weather stations included in the project.


Note: Given that the totality of factors that affect weather at any location is also influenced by that location’s physical setting, it may be useful to consider and include a brief commentary on that setting for each of the four weather stations being observed. You can see examples of this in the sample projects appended to this document.

Ultimate Purpose of this Assignment

Use the information you have learned from this course (textbook chapters and class lectures) to determine and accurately DESCRIBE the relationship between the weather data that you collected for the four weather stations and the causes of that data (i.e. the movement and passage of fronts and pressure systems) shown on the Daily Weather Maps.


Project Submission – Required Components

  1. 4 data tables – one table for each of the four weather stations over the 7-day collection period
  2. 7 daily weather maps – one daily weather map for each day of the 7-day data collection period
  3. 4 analyses – one analysis/summation of the weather and changes thereto for each of the 4 weather over the 7-day period

Rubric for scoring project


Data collection (accuracy and clarity of the display) – up to 25 points

Daily Weather Map capture and display – up to 15 points

Summation/Analysis* (between Weather Data and Daily Weather Maps) – up to 60 points


Last Updated on June 2, 2019

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