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“Waiting for Superman” e.c. film

How to Watch: The film is on reserve in the Florissant Valley campus library, and you can also watch it through Amazon or other online venues. You can also view the film for free through Vimeo,, and cosmosdocumentaries. You may also find it in your local library.

Responses are to be a minimum one full page typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced with 1 inch margins. Respond in essay/paragraph style. Do not number each question.

Type your response as a Word document, and email to me as an attachment with the words “Waiting for Superman” in the subject box, as well your course number, either 205:503 or 205:505.

Please answer the following 8 questions:

1. What do you think “Waiting for Superman” means in this documentary?


2. The film follows 5 children in their quest for a quality education: Anthony, Daisy, Francisco, Bianca and Emily. What impressed you most about one of these students (or their parents?)

—and which of these stories touched you the most, and why?


3. According to this film, what are some major areas of concern with the current educational system?


4. According to the film, why aren’t bad public school teachers just fired and replaced with good teachers?


5. What ritual does “the dance of the lemons” refer to ?


6. What’s different about the new KIPP schools?


7. What’s needed to turn our schools around and improve student learning and success?


8. If you had the opportunity to be a part of an educational task force to improve the current education system in the U.S., what 2 issues would you address, and why

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