VoIP Security Podcast

641-7 Yhtomit


· 500 words
· APA Format
· 3 Sources
Listen to the Blue Box #85 Podcast: the VoIP Security Podcast on


Then do the following:
1. Write a one paragraph summary report of the podcast (minimum 250 words).
2. Write a second paragraph discussing your own thoughts on the podcast.
3. What do you feel about the government’s wiretapping activities? Why or why not?
4. Should the government require data collection and retention? Explain.


· 500 words
· APA Format
· 3 Sources
1. List at least five security threats specific to VoIP. Give a brief description and possible scenario.
2. List at least 10 Vulnerabilities in VoIP. Briefly describe each of the listed vulnerability, along with a possible recommendation for a countermeasure.

3. Explain the end-to-end process of how VoIP works.
4. Go back to problem 3 and list possible vulnerabilities in each step of the process.
5. In problem 4 list what would be most risky vulnerability, with the most possible damage
6. In problem 5 – list how you would create a plan to mitigate possible damages and have services running smoothly and securely.

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