Visual logic assignment

Q1) Graphics (total 20 points)

Make a program that draw a shape through calling procedures and let your Main module call the shape several times to be drawn in different location, sizes and colors. Use the code we developed in class (firework) as guidance.

Your project should have:

1- New ideas (10 points)

2- Use of Procedures (10 points)

Deliverable: Put the picture of the Main and other procedures as well as the output picture in Q1.Zip file and upload it to the blackboard

Q2) Description and Requirements

PMU requested from you a computer application to help individual students to calculate and display their cumulative GPA. In this project, you are expected to develop a user-friendly, high-quality program that can be integrated from the following simple exercises:

1- Write a module (method) that converts any entered grade (A+. A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F) into its equivalent GPA (4.0, 3.75, 3.5, 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.0, 0.0) respectively.

(Requirement: the picture of the procedure- 10 points)

2- Make your program to prompts the user to enter THREE course codes (e.g. MISY 2312, BUSI 3312, BUSI 4261) along with their credit hours and grades.

(Requirement: the picture of the main procedure showing inputs and call – 5 points)

3- Calculate and display a report showing all the three courses details with the cumulative GPA. The CGPA is calculated as the total GPA points (calculated as the multiply of course GPA by the course credit hours) divided by the total credit hours.

(Requirement e: the console output of the program – 10 points)

4- Modify the application to read the information of any number of courses from a text file and calculate the cumulative GPA. Example:

“MISY 2311”



“BUSI 4261”



(Requirement: the picture of the modified main procedure and the text file – 10 points)

5- Bonus: Modify the program to extract the credit hours from the course code instead of entering them through the text file.

(Requirement the picture of the modified main procedure – 5 points)

Tip: use the following Visual logic command.

Copy(source, index, count) – returns a substring from source starting at index with length count

Deliverable: Put all the above requirements in Q2.Zip file and upload it to the blackboard

Only one member of the group uploads the files. Other member(s) upload the cover page only.

Resources for Project

– Instructor’s handouts.

– Notes taken during teacher’s presentations.

– Programming problems completed in class.

– Visual Logic.

– Instructor.

– Textbook.


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