Visual Cues, Visual Theories & Visual Persuasion

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Please follow these instructions:

Reflective writing: Question & answer essay format.

  1.     Choose 2 out of the following 3 questions.
  2.     Provide an image of your choice for each answer. #COVID-19 Edition Version compared with non-COVID-19 edition
  3.     Write a 2-page answer that is a thorough analysis of the image you have provided.

▪️Two Pages written answer per question

▪️Image goes on a separate page

▪️ You can go really in depth analyzing 1 image to answer two questions. Only if you are going to go really in depth with that one image. OR you can pick 2, 3 or even more images for 1 question and write how the theories you’ve learned apply to the image/s.

The image could be from data visualization, visual storytelling,signage, way-finding, VR/AR, photography, movies, paintings, mural, typography and design.

▪️Your presentation is a summary of your paper. You have 6 mins to present.

▪️Do in-depth Research and add your resources. Reference and title page is not included in the 2 pages that was mentioned earlier

  1. You will have 6 mins presentation on your reflective writing assignment

Question 1: Visual Cues

Do a thorough analysis of color, form, depth, and movement. Which Visual Cue does your image most heavily rely on? How does this strengthen or weaken the other Visual Cues in your image? Based on the Visual Cues, what do you think the intended audience is for your image?

Question 2: Visual Theories

Do a thorough analysis of either Sensory or Perceptual Theory. Why do you believe that your image relates most closely to this specific theory and not to another? How could your image also pertain to another theory? Briefly defend both sensory and perceptual theory in relation to your image.

Question 3: Visual Persuasion

Do a thorough analysis of Visual Persuasion. How does your image relate to Shock Advertising, Persuasion, or Propaganda? What is the role your image plays in using factual information and emotional appeal to promote a desired response and/or behavior?

Criteria for Reflective Writing Assignment:

  •       Choice of 2 essay questions
  •       Two written pages for each answer + a supporting image.
  •       1.5 spaced, Times New Roman font 12pt.
  •       Provide title heading for each answer, i.e. Question 3: Visual Persuasion
  •       add your name at top of page. NO TITLE PAGE PLEASE!!!
  •       APA format, at least 4 references per answer.
  •       Submit final document to course upload box.

Grading Matrix:

Each question/answer is valued at 10% of your total course grade.

  •       On Topic (2%)
  •       Depth(4%)
  •       Grammar (2%)
  •       References (2%)


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