Verbal communications

1. Name and describe eight categories of verbal communications. Give examples of each.

2. Compare and contrast verbal and non-verbal communications.

3. Name and describe the SOLER acronym. What is the communications strategy designed to do?

4. What are three skills of active listening? How can you apply each in group situations?

5. What are the benefits and challenges of virtual teams? How would you address some of the internet challenges?

(Word count must be 1000 words total with 3 scholarly sources with APA citation) the textbook can be used as 1 of the sources. The references must be in APA format as well.

Chapter 5 & 6 of textbook: Griffith, B. A., & Dunham, E. B. (2015). Working in teams: moving from high potential to high performance. Los Angeles: SAGE.

verbal communications

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