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You must use JMP to finish the questions

With Sentence and Screen Shot!–q41069241

The data from the link is not completely correct, please use the data from excel. I cannot upload the original jmp doc in this website

(a) (3 pts.) Write out the theoretical equation for the full MLR model, then use the Fit Model platform to fit the full model. Overall does the model appear to be significant? Explain.

(b) (2 pts.) Obtain and confirm the adjusted R square calculation with hand computation. Interpret adjusted R square.

(c) (1 pt.) Write out the theoretical MLR model assuming standardized regressors and standardized response. Assume that we would use unit length scaling.

(d) (2 pts.) Obtain the standardized beta’s (the standardized coefficient estimates) from the Parameter Estimates table in JMP. Based on the standardized coefficients, which regressor seems to have the largest impact on Thrust (ignore the significance tests for now)? Which one has the least impact on Thrust. Explain.

(e) (2 pts.) Based on the original, unscaled coefficient estimates, which regressor seems to have the largest impact on the Thrust (again ignoring significance tests)? Explain. Why would the standardized betas possibly differ from the original coefficients in terms of which have the largest impact on the response?

(f) (2 pts.) From the Parameter Estimates table obtain the VIF values. Does severe multicollinearity appear to be present? Explain.

(g) (2 pts.) Using the Multivariate platform generate a scatterplot matrix for the six regressors. Based upon the scatterplots, which regressor is least likely to be involved in multicollinearities with the other regressors? Explain.


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