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UseCase diagram, Class diagram

1.A hotel has several rooms. Each room is identified by its unique room number, the room has its other attributes such as type and status. A set of rooms is under a hospitality manager who manages through a set of room service employees. The hospitality manager is in charge of the room service tasks to be performed. The charges of room services are added to the final bill of the room. There are 5 types of rooms:

Single bed

Double bed

Double Bed deluxe


Deluxe suite

For each customer a unique id is assigned along with room number, customer’s check-in, check-out date and time. Every room has status as empty, occupied or advance booking. For Occupied status, room is designed the customer_id and for advance booking the name of the person, the expected check-in date and time, date and time of advance booking and the advance amount deposited is also recorded.

When a customer is allocated a room, the check-in date and time is recorded for the room. For each customer, attributes such as name, address, Social Security number, and telephone number are also to be recorded. For each room service task, room number, date and time, service number, bill number, contents and description are recorded. At the time of check-out, the check-out date and time is recorded to generate the bill. The bill amount for each customer is recorded along with the mode of payment.

Draw the UseCase diagram, Class diagram for the above specification. Make suitable assumptions if required in the specification.

2.For the Medical Clinic, propose a set of use cases that illustrates the interactions between a doctor who sees the patients and prescribes medicine and treatments.

(Using sequence Diagram)


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