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US Government and business

Unit 2 Alternative Portfolio Worksheet

Directions: For this portfolio you are being asked to look at four of the main principles of the Constitution. Your task is to define the four key principles and then find a current issue (this year or last year) that relates to those principles.Here is the link to a 4-minute recording about how to use as a source for current events and an example of an event you could use. Recommended source for news: PBS NewsHour.

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PrincipleDefinitionExplain a current issue that relates to the principle and how it relates. (5-6 sentences minimum)


Ex: Appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice.

Limited Government


(textbook page 84)

Popular Sovereignty


(textbook page 83)

Checks and Balances


(textbook page 85)

Separation of Powers


(textbook page 84)



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