Urban Problems and community/non-profit organization

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Chicago field project:Urban Problems and community/non-profit organization



Description of the Urban Problem: In this section you should discuss the history of the problem, why the issue you have chosen is a problem, and how it became a problem. You should provide data related to the extent and impact of the problem (i.e number of people affected, impact on local economy). Is this problem unique to Chicago? If yes, explain why. If no, explain how it impacts other cities and provide examples. Students should include governmental public policy solutions aimed at the problem in this section of the paper. Be sure to incorporate secondary sources into this section of your report.

Organization Overview: What is the name of the non-profit organization you selected? Where is the organization located? What kind of organization is this? Indicate whether this is a neighborhood group, a foundation, a citizens advisory board, or something else. How does this organization address the urban problem you selected? What other local, state, or national organizations also address this problem? Why is this organization unique? Why did you choose this particular organization? What is the history of this organization? Who does the organization serve? What geographical areas of Chicago are served by this organization (i.e.the entire city, specific neighborhoods)? What are the socioeconomic demographics of the area and population served? Describe the community served in terms of its needs, strengths, and assets.

Organization Programs/Projects: Summarize the broad scope of the organization’s programming/projects, and then focus on specific programs or projects for a fuller discussion. Include information related to the organization’s mission statement, goals, and objectives. How many people are served by the organization? How many by each specific program/project? Who are these people? How do they qualify for assistance and support from this community organization?

Organization Budget & Funding: What is the overall budget of this organization? Where does the money go? How much goes to each program/project? How much of the budget goes to administration/overhead (i.e. salaries, rent, utilities, office equipment, supplies, etc…). Identify the organization’s funding and revenue sources. Is the organization supported by tax dollars? Does it receive grants? If yes, identify from whom, for what, and how much. What types of fundraising does the organization engage in? How much is raised from fundraising efforts/events?

Organization Structure & Staff: What is the organization’s decision-making structure? How does this organization make authoritative and policy decisions? Is there a Board of Directors or Trustees? If so, how are they selected? Are they elected by the membership? Appointed by someone? How many Board members serve the organization? Who are the officers? How long are the terms of the Board? What responsibilities (financial, time, expertise, etc…) do Board members have to the organization? Identify all organization staff members. Are they full or part time? The inclusion of an organizational chart in the appendix is highly recommended. If available, include the salaries of each staff member. In this section, students may choose to describe the physical office space and conditions of the working environment.

Organization Volunteers/Supporters: How do people become involved in this organization? Does it recruit members? How? Can one just join, or must one be appointed or selected in some way? How much time and/or money does the average volunteer/supporter give to the community organization? What kind of things do volunteers/supporters do for and with the organization?

Impact of the Organization: Address how effectively or ineffectively the organization impacts the urban problem it addresses. Provide specific examples with data to support effectiveness or ineffectiveness. You should include a discussion of organizational advocacy efforts in this section. What efforts are undertaken to alleviate and/or eliminate the urban problem? Does the organization attempt to influence public policy through a legislative agenda? Does it engage in political outreach or lobbying? Does it contribute time or money to electoral campaigns? Does the organization provide or participate in any sort of public awareness efforts?

Political/Economic Environment of the Organization: How do current political and/or economic conditions impact the ability of the organization to operate? Will the election of a new Mayor of Chicago impact this organization? If yes, how? Do any governmental regulations or laws affect this organization? What impact has globalization had on the organization and the community served?

Challenges faced by Organization: What are the challenges the organization is currently facing? What obstacles must be overcome?

Future of the Organization: Based on your research and knowledge of the organization, discuss the future of this organization. Are there any new opportunities on the horizon for this organization?


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