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Unmanned Ground System/Unmanned Ground Vehicle

For this project you will need to perform the following:

  • Discuss the perceived need of a new UGS/UGV as it relates to a current unmanned system application, management practice, or operational policy and the need for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness (why is it needed?).
  • Identify innovative new technologies, methods, processes, or concepts relating to your perceived need.
  • Provide a requirements specification associated with your perceived need (what it must be capable of, design imposed limits, etc.)
  • Present possible design options for unmanned systems based on the operational environment and availability of new technology, methods, processes, or concepts.
  • Discuss the appropriateness of considered elements/components to support the intended use, including the benefits, limitations, and constraints
  • Formulate a specific solution or research strategy to address the perceived need, including a theory of operation, any appropriate recommendations or conclusions, and supporting references.
  • Utilize an appropriate research method and statistical analysis (if applicable) to obtain data and reference materials to support your work
  • Recommend future research strategies to better understand the issue and add to the collective body of knowledge associated with unmanned systems.

Work is divided in three parts: the Abstract, the Rough Draft, and the Final Draft.

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