Unit 2 Reading and Learning Activities

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Prepare: Complete the assigned Unit 2 Reading and Learning Activities. Preview the Unit 2 Assignment guideline for help with selecting an article to read and analyze.

Select a journal article about an issue in your field of study from the Library. Do not select an article which simply summarizes job duties, but instead look for an article which addresses a change, important topic, new idea, current trend, etc.

Post: Summarize and analyze

To prepare for success on the Unit 2 Assignment, address the following points in at least 2 well-developed paragraphs:

  • Identify the author and title of the article you chose to read, along with the URL link to the article.
  • Briefly summarize the article.
  • Identify the main point of the article and what makes it effective.
  • Share what you learned about effective writing from reading this article.

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